Dirty Trouble

Someone Is Stalking Vinnie Esposito. But That's Just the Start of Her Problems... 

Criminal justice instructor Vinnie Esposito is having a very bad day. After barely escaping serious injury in a car accident, she runs into a former adversary she suspects is stalking her. Then she learns her 60-year-old aunt has been arrested and is palling around with mobsters. Suddenly, Vinnie finds herself over her head in trouble-dirty trouble. It's an awkward situation to say the least for someone who's constantly surrounded by law-enforcement contacts-including the hunky State Trooper Marcus Richmond and FBI agent Aaron Grant.

Now, she's faced with sorting out her emotions and her family's reputation even as a mysterious series of increasingly sinister events puts her life in danger. Is it a coincidence-or something more menacing?

In this intriguing and humorous look at one woman's unusual lifestyle, author JM Griffin mixes mystery, suspense and romance for a smart and savvy style that's all her own.


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