The colors of fall are simply marvelous, and this is my favorite time of year. No other brings the beauty of the foliage like autumn. The smell of crisp air, (depending on where you live, anyway), fresh picked apples and pears, and best of all, pumpkins. It’s safe to say I’m a born and bred New Englander and always will be at heart. The seasons here are amazing and bring with them their own specific beauty (and driving problems).

The novels you’ll find here are set in New England, except the Sarah McDougall series, that is. Sarah’s series begins in Florida and remains there for two books. The third book, now in the works, is set in Scotland. I know, that’s quite a change of scenery. Scotland is one of my latest and favorite locales in which to place stories, so you can look for more of them as time goes on. Sarah is psychic, an unwanted phenomenon that she’s learned to accept. The other talents that make their way into her life, such as ghost walking, aren’t as easily accepted by her. You might wonder what ghost walking is, and Sarah isn’t too sure herself. I assure you, it’s pretty weird, dangerous, and Sarah’s never quite sure where she’ll end up when this unwittingly happens to her. The Cadence Caper is a funny romp through the west coast of Florida and includes the Gulf of Mexico.

But . . . I digress. The remaining novels found here are set in Providence, RI, New Hampshire, and Maine. The Faerie Cake/Luna Devere series is set in a coastal section of Maine, while the Vinnie Esposito series is in Rhode Island. Katie Greer’s Tangled series, beginning with Tangled to Death, has it’s mysteries set in New Hampshire, where winters are frigid and sleuthing abounds.

Doing research for these locations is always fun and quite often hilarious. I never know what’s lurking around the next corner, and hopefully, neither will you while you read these books. For supporting my writing, I’d like to offer you a FREE copy of Murder on Spyglass Lane, where you’ll get to know Sarah McDougall and her Basset Hound, Sparky who likes ice cream and margaritas.

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