Growing up, I was thrilled by every mystery novel that my mother got for me from the library. Nancy Drew, The Jeanne's PictureBobsie Twins and such were my main interest and I’d jump for joy whenever the next book in the series was available. As I got older and became more voracious in my reading, I found the likes of Phyllis Whitney and Martha Grimes were added to my read list. In between mystery novels, I’d read thrillers and often picked up a romance novel or two to fill the gap. I enjoy a good happily-ever-after story.

I reside in the New England countryside with my husband on 67 acres of wooded land, with few neighbors, and we enjoy every minute of the serenity our surroundings bring. It’s very conducive for writing, too, I might add. We have two very mysterious cats, who rule the house, who are vocal when things aren’t the way they like them, and we cater to them quite a lot.

My writing career began in earnest around 2003. At present, I have over 17 books written and published. A couple more novels are also on their way to being published. I’m independently as well as traditionally published, which makes me a Hybrid Author. This means I have published several of my books on my own and a traditional publisher has published the rest. It’s a great way to work and learn about this amazing industry, especially since it changes in a blink of an eye.

I treat my writing seriously. I get in a few hours of writing, then do research and marketing daily. Like most authors in this industry, I even work weekends when a story is percolating. Thank goodness for the internet, it has made research and promotion so much easier. I used to spend hours and hours in libraries, and much time traveling to book signings, but not so much anymore.

That’s it for me, enjoy the website and stop in often. There will occasionally be freebies offered, sales to take advantage of, and lots of good things to see.