Running With Bun!

For me, June was filled with excitement and the release of Left Fur Dead, my first in the series of Jules & Bun cozy mystery novels. It is so thrilling to see how well the book has been received. It’s not only in paperback and eBook formats, it’s also available in audio. How awesome is that?

Seeming like each day held a new surprise, kind of like Christmas presents, they just kept on coming. Invitations to do guest blogs, book signings, and fan get togethers, were the best of all. The second book in the series, Who’s Dead, Doc?, is ready for preorder at all online outlets, not only as a gorgeous cover, but Bun and Jules are up to their necks in danger while solving another mystery. The novels release is set for February 2020. Again, I’m quite excited and anxious for the release of this new story featuring these amateur sleuths.

Earlier in the spring, I was told I needed surgery on my left upper arm bone (the humerus), and a complete rebuild of that portion of the arm would be done. I wasn’t shocked by the news, since I was aware there was a problem and thought (prayed) the treatment would only be surgical, and it was. What I didn’t realize was how long my recovery would take. All went well in the surgical department, and I’ve been in physical therapy (Torture Tuesday & Torture Thursday) since June, which coincided with the release of the book. It has given me a chance to concentrate on something other than physical therapy, which is definitely running neck in neck with Bun. :>) I have another 2-3 months of therapy to go, but my progress is moving along faster than anyone had imagined, so maybe it won’t be that long before I’m right as rain. My surgeon and his secretary are surprised and now call me Super Woman. If only! (she chuckles)

As I grow stronger and more able to use my left hand and wrist, (thankfully I’m right handed), I look forward to staying on top of this website, blogging weekly, and hopefully hearing from you all.

Lastly, I thank you for waiting patiently to hear what’s going on. I’ll be in touch soon!



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